Rahul Tyagi

Founder of MyCarMistry.com (MCM)

His entrepreneurial journey started three years ago when he decided to move beyond the traditional career choices to follow his passion for cars. A computer engineer by education and his father being an IAS officer, Rahul had the choice to pursue the footsteps of his father or pursue a corporate career as a software engineer. For more than 5 years he dabbled in these fields but finally, in 2018 he decided to start his enterprise in car servicing. After a year of hands-on experience in an automobile service centre, Rahul was ready to start his first automobile servicing workshop in Gurugram. His experience of working with global players like Bosch and Hela reaffirmed his belief that Indian car owners are in urgent need of trustworthy workshops that can ensure that their cars remain in perfect shape at a reasonable cost.

After 3 years of managing two workshops in Gurugram, Rahul was now ready to launch a start-up that act as an aggregator of quality car servicing workshops in India. Rahul has launched MyCarMistry.com that will not only create a network of workshops but will also act as a guarantor of best service quality, car parts and customer service standards at a reasonable price point. Rahul believes that with his new venture, he will be able to set new benchmarks in automobile servicing as well as contribute towards reducing carbon emissions caused by passenger cars.

Rahul has set a goal to extensively cover Delhi NCR in the next 2-3 years before expanding the MyCarMistry.com network to other parts of the country.